National coalition of people living with HIV in India (NCPI+) is a national coalition of People Living With HIV (PLHIV) individuals and organisations with the vast range of experience and expertise from grass root to policy level. NCPI+ is based on the principle that, this long experience and expertise must contribute constructively and meaningfully in the policy and programme decisions to bring positive change. NCPI+ was built from a two-day national consultation, with PLHIV representatives from 26 states including five founder members of the PLHIV movement in India and technical experts like lawyers, journalists and doctors. The governing Board consist of 9 board members from five regions across the country.

Our Vision & Mission

An improved quality of life of people living with HIV and an increased active participation in society.

To improve the quality of life and provide a sense of belonging to people living with HIV and their families for full active participation in society, and reduce further HIV transmission.

Our Work

Our work includes Advocacy, Service Delivery and Network Building.

We are helped in our advocacy by Samarth Project, which aims to 'Improve the effectiveness of the response of government and civil society for evidence based HIV policy and programmes.

New & Events

Taking the Wheel - EATON Red Ribbon Journey

Three pre planning meetings with EATON CSR team were conducted in order to finalize the route map, activities to be conducted, volunteers selection and to finalize clear rolls and responsibilities between NMP+ and EATON team.

In order to finalize the route and spots, physical visits throughout the route were made and two representatives from NMP+ finalized appointments with the stakeholders in the month of November. A team of 15 volunteers was finalized as per their expertise. Meeting with volunteers was arranged on 30th of November 2012.

The organization works with the aim to increase active, transparent and constructive participation of PLHIV and health activist to strengthen care, support and treatment response of the country and improve the quality of life of individuals and families.